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So here we go…

     With roots somewhere deep in prehistory, a field of study known as Speculative Music has been slowly evolving, disappearing then re-emerging, at times enjoying the status of the high arts and sciences of mathematics, astronomy and philosophy.  Then just as suddenly it will vanish into the murky underground of the esoteric arts such as alchemy or magic.  In a nutshell Speculative Music has to do with looking at the cosmos musically, and looking at music cosmically. (- Joscelyn Godwin, Musical Quarterly, spring-summer, 2011)

     Music can be a powerful tool. My father was a woodworker and I learned from him that we should always use the proper tool appropriate to the task at hand, and furthermore know how to use it properly. It is not at all unusual when beginning a new project to encounter the need for a new tool, so trips to the hardware store were frequent. Sound Possibilities is the hardware store of ideas involving the use of sound and music as tools for building a better world. Hopefully you will find new tools here you can use, and will also share with us discoveries from the workshop of your own musical experience.

     Discussions here are also linked to more extensive material which can be found at my main Sound Possibilities Website. (Currently being remodeled). But this blog has a much quicker publishing cycle, so things may often appear here first while they are still ‘coming soon’ over at the Website. The Website is still in the process of being repopulated with content from an earlier version, and there is much much more waiting to be added. And this blog/forum is being updated nearly every day, so check back often.

     Music and sound are considered throughout this forum from all kinds of angles; from physics and mathematics to esoteric, philosophical and speculative, sacred and secular, performing, creating, social contexts, cross-cultural influences, all this and more with the intent that new applications for music are needed in our time. In Canada, Australia and Europe, it is not uncommon to see careers in music aligned more with things like the social sciences than with the business of entertainment.

You may gain more value from Sound Possibilities by keeping the following in mind:

  • The ideas, concepts and various theories presented both here and at the Website come from a very large and diverse number of sources, which we always do our best to verify and cite accordingly. While Sound Possibilities does not necessarily endorse or agree with every little thing that comes along in these pages, we do consider it all to be valuable enough for consideration.  Suprising insights can sometimes arise when we approach things from various angles.
  • Many of the ideas presented here have undergone many revisions, and may continue to do so for centuries to come.   Hold the truth lightly, someone said, learn to be comfortable with contradictions and paradox, and you may yet learn much.
  • We take a sincere interest in the wisdom of sacred teachings, religious forms, mythologies, epic poetry and song cycles of ancient cultures. We also have found that  these wondrous expressions of the human spirit often require an appreciation for the cultural context within which these works were woven in order to more fully understand the metaphors involved and the references made.
  • While we are continually amazed at how much modern science has managed to accomplish so far without blowing us all off the face of the planet, we do not subscribe to the ‘myth of progress’ (the belief that newer always equates to better), but we also make a concerted effort to not over romanticize the past.  Cyclic time may prove more useful for us than the linear time most westerners are familiar with. “To everything there is a season…Turn, turn, turn”
  • The technological and material successes of the modern and post-modern age are undeniable. However we constantly have to revisit how the less visible, non-material parts of our lives are being subtly, unconsciously, sometimes purposefully, altered. The reductionist and purely material view of scientism is only beginning to finally encounter the outer limits and shortcomings of its own methods and techniques and acknowledge the need for a more integrated approach in areas like brain/mind research, education, neuroscience, psychology, medicine, social engineering, economics and governing. Music and sound are familiar tools that operate across all kinds of boundaries; physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and generational. Sound Possibilities encourages and promotes the role music and sound can play in the reintegration of science and religion, cross-cultural relations, re-energizing education, music therapy, the soundscape and architectonics of urban development and architecture, and the overall well-being of our world.

     Sound Possibilities encourages the consideration of ideas, new and old, familiar and strange, rational and imaginative.  A sense of humor will be useful at times, as will a sense of reverence and wonder.  What we are after is new forms, new pathways, new applications and understandings that will draw on much of what has come before, and also that which has yet to be discovered.  This kind of emerging synthesis is already being formulated in many areas where music and sound are not directly involved at the moment, but may play a role in the future. Thank you for your interest and please join in the conversation by leaving comments and sharing your own experiences or thoughts with us.

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Comments, questions and replies are welcome using the forms below. You can also be notified of updates to this forum using the Email subscription tool on the upper right.  Your email address will never be published. You may also contact me directly at tmckamey@soundpossibilities.org


7 Responses to Welcome to Sound Possibilities!

  1. Thank you for your comment to Silverwalk Hermitage. I do enjoy music – heard George Winston play acoustic guitar at a hospital in Great Falls, MT; he is from there, I believe. Have you heard of the person who thinks music can help cure cancer? I’m not sure of the theory or which type of music but find it very interesting. The world forgets the healing of music and the playing…thank you for a dedicated site. I look forward to following. My music of choice is symphonic/classical, chant, old time rock and roll and Trans Siberian Orchestra; but my favorite sound is silence – it has a lot of music.

  2. Kaila Hinkes says:

    I’d have to test with you here. Which isn’t one thing I usually do! I take pleasure in reading a post that may make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  3. Mollie says:

    I consider something really special using this website.

  4. Thomas Saling says:

    It takes someone really special to try and cure cancer with music. 🙂

    • Tim McKamey says:

      Just to clarify, we make a distinction between “cure” and “heal”. Music most often is used to facilitate the body’s innate healing energy and to achieve what is often called “homeostasis”. The word “heal” comes from the same root as “whole”. Healing music addresses the “whole person” not just the cancer, or whatever dis-ease is involved. Since all things including cells, organs, bacteria, pathogens, viruses, etc.. consist of vibration and energy, then music is a natural tool to apply in this regard.

  5. RickO says:

    By chance I found your site while searching for images relative to the mathmatics of harmony. Harmony in a mathematical sense translates into wonderful geometric patterns by my way of thinking. The patterns and colors on your website are intriguing and like music bring a sense of peace and tranquility to a chaotic environment. I enjoyed the video of the acoustic guitar artist both in music and message.

  6. Hi Tim,

    Its Brian Chung from Coursea (Buddhism and Modern Psychology 2014 course).

    Since the course ended, I spent the time translating sutras, traveling to visit temples, writing poetry and essays.

    How have you been these few years?

    I started a blog earlier this month to host my work, if you’re interested just click my name and gravatar.

    Also, I recently published my free and public domain poetry chapbook with poems set to art, Buddhist poems etc. of diverse themes, if you’re interested, or if you would like to consider using them as lyrics and song writing inspiration, here it is:



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