Healing Happens In So Many Ways

I have many loose threads and unfinished drafts awaiting my attention. Life has been a little rocky the past several months. But I’d like to get this blog going again. Have been learning more of the healing aspects of music in recent months. Through experience, performance, writing, collaborating with others and plugging into a variety of musical communities around the Northwest, I am seeing alot more music out in the world with something to say. Deeply personal and at the same time universal thoughts, feelings, ideas and information are everywhere. The ‘glee and glitter’ music still obscures much of it because it sells product. And healing music is not always entertaining, or even comfortable. We must venture outside our comfort-zone at times if we wish to tread the road less travelled.  But it can make all the difference. Stay tuned.  I will bring specific examples to bear soon. Thanks for reading, please explore this blog and let me know your thoughts.  In the meantime check out some of my most recent songs and songs from friends as well at our YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/tmckamey1


About Tim McKamey

Founder of Sound Possibilities - Practitioner of Music, Song, Folklore & Musicology - songwriter - guitarist - guitar instructor - web design - videography
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