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Welcome to Sound Possibilities!  (About & Home Page)
Introducing Sound Possibilities Pt. 1
Introducing Sound Possibilities Pt. 2
The Divine Musical Comedy, A Musical Theory for Nearly Everything 
A Right-Brained Introduction to Sound Possibilities in Verse Form – Proposed Text for a Future Multi-Media Presentation

PAGES are listed across the Menu Bar just below the Sound Possibilities Logo Header at the top of every Post, there are only a few;

Home is the About Page, Welcome to Sound Possibilities! listed above.
GALLERY is a growing library of Graphic Items referred to throughout the Forum.
MUSIC TERMS is a listing of 1300+ words relating to Music and Sound.
NOTABLE QUOTES is an ever-expanding list of quotes about music.
OPEN MIC is a monthly Open Mic I host in Covington.
POST INDEX is the Page you’re looking at right now.

THE FIVE GENERAL (and often overlapping) CATEGORIES of POSTS:



MUSIC in NATURE –  Birdsong, Cycles of Time, Intelligence & Communication in Animals, Sounds of the Earth, Sounds of the Sun, Planets, Galaxies, etc.. Rhythms in Nature, Biorhythms, etc;  NO POSTS YET..COMING SOON

MUSIC HISTORY Origins of Music, Classical music, Composers, Musical Periods, Styles, Forms, Instruments of the World, Ethnomusicology, Musicology, Music in Mythology, Music & Sound in Creation Myths, Music Philosophy, Pythagorean, Neo-Platonic Theories,  etc;

A Bright Light Piercing Open My Heart – Allegri’s Miserere Mei Deus
J.S. ‘Papa’ Bach and the Ministry of Music
Peace Piece by jazz pianist Bill Evans
Tetraktys in Seed of Life

MUSIC & SOUND in SOCIETY Music and Spirit, Sacred Music, Music and Social Change, Music and Arts Education, Music & Poetry, Folk Music, Jazz, Popular Music, Music Technology, Music and the Internet, Music Video, the Soundscape, Noise Pollution, Architecture and Sound, Radio, Recording, Media, Motion Picture Music, Live Music Performance, Music as Art, The Business of Music, ASCAP/BMI/SESCAP, etc;

Bardic Technology, Technicians of the Sacred
Beyond Attendance – Participation in Transition President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities Study, May, 2011 and 2011 Re-Take on National Endowment for the Arts Studies from  1982 to 2008
The Integral Ragtime Blues or “How much can one voice do with just a song?”
Music as a Form of Pastoral Care
Music From a Baha’i Perspective
Open Mic at Cutter’s Point
Poetry about Music
Religious Harmony
Ring Tones for Electric/Hybrid Autos?
The Value of Music to Human Survival

SCIENCE of SOUND Electromagnetic Spectrum, Vibrations, Frequencies, Wavelengths, Music and Color, Synesthesia, Psycho-acoustics, Neuroscience, Brain/Mind, Mathematics and Music, Physics of Sound, Computers and Music, Harmonic Overtone Series, Temperaments (Tuning systems) and Consciousness, etc;

Do Your Meds Affect Your Voice?

HEALING MUSIC Music’s use treating chronic pain, recovering from surgery, Music and Autism, Music and Depression, Transitions in Death and Dying, Pre-natal and Infant Development, Music and Meditation, Guided Imagery, Music Therapy, Music Practitioners, Accutonics, Music and the Chakras, Neuropsychology and Music, etc;

Music as a Form of Pastoral Care
The Value of Music to Human Survival
Music and Autism

UPCOMING Works in Progress:                                                                        Songwriting, Inspiration, the Creative Process
Temperaments (Various systems of tuning)
Part 2 of The Divine Musical Comedy
Overtones and Harmonic Resonance – Effects on Cells
The Ancient Art and Science of Harmonic Correspondence
Sri Yantra
Hans Jenny, and the Sound Generated Forms of Cymatics
I-Ching, Chance and Order
Robert Fludd’s Temple of Music
Harmony, Unity and Diversity, In Theory & In Practice


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